Let’s Face It

There’s an increasing number of bad actors working hard to identify and target vulnerable organizations. Becoming a victim of these attacks can cost your company downtime, capital, and even your reputation. Keep a level head, stay calm and avoid making significant changes unless absolutely necessary. Bad actors will take advantage of stress and urgency. Ensure that remote users are taking extra precaution with emails, attachments, links and voice phishing that may be asking them for sensitive information. Evaluate your company’s backup, disaster recovery and end-point malware detection and response (EDR) solutions are all up to date. We are here for you, ready to assist  as your needs evolve. These are certainly challenging time, but if we work together we will prevail and be stronger.

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High Point Networks is a leading provider of information technology solutions in both SMB and enterprise-level markets, servicing customers from coast to coast. We specialize in anything that spans your network, data center, phone system and endpoints with a strong security focus across all things IT.

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