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Interested in Partnering?

Channel Partners

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The Value of Partnership

We understand the value of partnership, and we know you do too. Whether it is the partnership between High Point Networks and our Channel Partners, or the partnership between the Channel Partner and their customer. We have it figured out.

Your customers expect world-class solutions and we are here to help you deliver. Resellers and Managed Services Providers, just like you, choose High Point Networks every day. We offer solutions from highly certified engineers to help you take your customer relationships to the next level. With our simple, flexible, and profitable solutions, we will help you both elevate and protect your customer relationships.

We’ll work as an extension to your team, while we decide together how we will best navigate your success. You help drive our business, and our experts help drive yours. Time to take your business to its highest point – together.

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Why Partner with High Point Networks?

Simple, Flexible, & Profitable Solutions

We have allocated countless hours into drilling down processes and making everything simpler for you, our Channel Partner. Doing business together should be straightforward, and in a way that works best for both of us.


We offer flexibility within our solutions and value each relationship by understanding each Partner is unique.

Margins That Grow With You

It’s as simple as that. As we work together to grow your business, you become more profitable. Create a revenue stream, or multiple, that truly make a difference for your organization.

Dedicated Sales & Technical Resources to Ensure Success

Not only will we help your business grow, but we’ll also help your team grow too. From initial sales and technical training to more in-depth conversations – we believe in knowledge transfer and building long-lasting partnerships.


Protect your customer relationships with this added value you now bring to the table. We’re here for you in both the sales and technical fields.

Solutions Built for Partners

Channel Solutions

Antivirus as a Service

Let’s face it. There’s an increasing number of bad actors working hard to identify and target vulnerable organizations. Becoming a victim of these attacks can cost your company downtime, capital, and even your reputation. Cyber criminals are sophisticated and well-funded. Simply ‘checking the box’ with a generic antivirus solution for your customers is no longer an acceptable means of protection.

  • Reduce time managing an antivirus system.
  • Count on support from certified security engineers.
  • Unlimited support from High Point Networks

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Channel Mockup AVaaS

Mobile Threat Defense

As an AVaaS add-on, Mobile Threat Defense (MTD) is the answer to securing devices from the increasing number of mobile malware and cyberattacks. This solution goes beyond traditional enterprise mobility management solutions, offering an extra layer of security by preventing, detecting, remediating, and improving overall security hygiene for an organization’s entire mobile fleet and applications.

  • Edge AI Protection identifies & blocks mobile malware.
  • Self remediation of issues by removing threats & enabling safe browsing.
  • Block social engineering attempts via malicious SMS/MMS & URL scanning.

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Channel Mockup MTD

Security Awareness Training

One single ‘click’ is all a cybercriminal needs to hold your customer’s business and data at ransom. A security breach can not only be a devastating hit to productivity, but also finances and reputation.

With roughly 1.5 million phishing websites created each month, how do you help your customers and its users stay diligent and protected?

  • State-of-the-art security training
  • Mitigate risk
  • Educate ‘click happy’ users on security risks

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Channel SATaaS Mockup

Security Control Assessments

During an engagement, High Point Networks Security Engineers attempt to discover vulnerabilities that may lead to the compromise of sensitive information. Our Security Engineers leverage scanning tools, social engineering, information gathering techniques, and manual analysis to identify gaps in an environment. These findings are then documented and delivered in a report, as well as an online repository that tracks remediation efforts. Whatever your customers’ unique needs are, we are here to help build a robust security strategy.

Security services are a referral partnership only.

  • Penetration Testing
  • Vulnerability Assessments
  • So much more

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High Point Networks is committed to providing the highest level of service to our Channel Partners. Please use this Prism Partner connections card as a tool to engage High Point resources.

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