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Does your business need an upgrade to its data center in Des Moines, Iowa? Do you find that your current data center facilities are simply not up to par? This is a common problem for many businesses – and many don’t realize that there are many possible solutions!

Depending on how your data center services are set up, your IT infrastructure may not be getting full use of its resources which can result in poor user experience and network connectivity. When this is the case, you’ll likely need a professional overview of your services and a complete overhaul of your data center.

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Building Better Storage Systems in Des Moines, Iowa

When you allow High Point Networks to overhaul your existing data center, one of our experienced team members will analyze each data center application and how they relate to your business. We will consider your physical infrastructure, network security, and which types of storage system solutions may be best for your business.

Once all of these factors are accounted for, we will present you with a few possible solutions that may include an on-premise data center, the use of colocation services, public cloud-based services, or a hybrid version of these systems.

After we’ve helped you find the ideal structure for your data center, we will begin the process of perfectly designing and implementing the new system. You will be amazed at the improvements in user experience, connectivity, scalability, and security after this digital transformation!

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Requirements for Modern Data Centers

If you’ve previously tried to build your own data center infrastructure, you may already know that there is a fair amount of work involved in this process. Data centers in the past simply required storage space on a company’s physical servers and a way to access that information. 

As data centers have evolved, so have their requirements. 

Currently, a well-built data center will be modular in design which means that the system needs less physical space. After your modular hardware is in place, you’ll need software and likely internet access in order to transfer information and retrieve it later on. Finally, a modern data center requires security to protect the digital assets that it stores. 

The great thing about these requirements is that you don’t have to worry about them when we design and build your system!

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Providing Des Moines with Data Center Solutions

At High Point Networks, we offer a variety of services and plans to help businesses with all of their data storage needs. When you’re ready to see how an improved data center in Des Moines can boost your company’s performance, give us a call! We look forward to hearing from you!

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