Information Security: More Than Cyber Security

Information security practices should be continually updated – whether you’re based in Council Bluffs, IA, or any other area of the state! In the digital age, the proper management of information security is needed to protect both your business assets and sensitive customer data.

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Training to Improve Information Security

Unfortunately, if your security policy is outdated, your company, customers, and information systems are at risk! You may be giving cyber criminals access to data they should never have simply by using Google or the internet!

When you hire a certified cybersecurity analyst like High Point Networks to lead training courses, your entire team can learn best practices regarding network security, how to protect sensitive information, and what they can do to prevent a security breach.

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Protecting Your Network and Information Systems

Information security is multi-faceted. Training courses for your employees is a great step, but you’ll also need an Intrusion Prevention System and an Intrusion Detection System, help with monitoring those systems, vulnerability assessments, and regular penetration tests. 

The certified experts at High Point Networks are happy to help your Council Bluffs, IA business develop information security practices that will keep your data safe! Give us a call today to learn more about our pricing!

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