Information Security: More Than Cyber Secure

How does your company plan to improve information security practices to protect financial data and technology resources? To protect sensitive information in the digital age, you must be proactive about cybersecurity while ensuring proper management of your network security.

At High Point Networks, we offer companies in Lincoln, Nebraska cybersecurity services, a security training program for employees, and help with updating your technology security policy.

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How Network Security Impacts Your Information Systems

In order to keep your information systems safe from malicious cyber threats or accidental data leaks, your network must remain secured. To determine which parts of your technology system are at risk, you’ll need a vulnerability assessment and penetration tests.

After these tests are complete, our team can help begin building your customized security policy, accounting for the best ways to protect your company’s sensitive information and technology resources. We will also ensure your customer’s financial data is secure.

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Improving Your Security Policy to Boost Cybersecurity

Your company can have the best security technology in the world. However, if your employees constantly fall for phishing scams or inadvertently share data over unsecured networks, you will continue to have security issues.

Our cybersecurity training program is among the best in the state. We aim to teach users the most current threats, how to detect phishing and vishing scams, as well as what to do during and after a security breach. 

When a Lincoln company works with High Point Networks to improve its information security practices, they will receive access to our security experts and employee training. Access to our professionals as well as informed employees will mean fewer security issues in the future. 

If you are interested in how your business in Lincoln, Nebraska can benefit from information security and our pricing, give us a call today!

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