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Are you considering managed services in Lincoln for your small or medium-sized business needs? Is your current IT staff having trouble keeping up with the support needs of your staff?

This is an all too common problem with local businesses, many of which never realize that they have the capability of having their IT department managed by an expert. Choosing to use managed IT services is usually the best and most cost-efficient way to have your technical needs met.

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What is Managed IT?

Managed IT services is the practice of hiring a third-party company to maintain and oversee your entire IT department. This company will have the responsibility of upgrading hardware, updating software, monitoring your networks, providing cybersecurity, and offering IT support when needed. 

Ideally, the IT company you choose to hire will have a friendly and fast response to any of your technical difficulties, offer flat-rate billing, and have a proactive approach to managed services.

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Why Use Managed IT Services

There are many benefits that come with choosing to use a managed services model. When you have professional management of your IT infrastructure, you have access to around-the-clock services and support.

When your company has the IT support it needs, you can expect to see increased employee productivity because there is less downtime associated with technical problems. Additionally, a flat-rate pricing structure will help you to avoid the hourly costs of IT service calls while still ensuring the complete management of your IT department.

Opting for IT management keeps your data safe by providing cybersecurity, network monitoring, anti-virus software, and education about security best practices. IT professionals stay abreast of current cybersecurity concerns which help to avoid data leaks and protect your sensitive information. 

Finally, your staff won’t have to focus their energy on solving computer-related problems, they can spend more time helping to build your business and brand with improved customer relations. 

All of these benefits can result in increased sales and profits as well as reduced frustration when it comes to solving problems with your computers and IT infrastructure.

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Our Approach to IT Management

At High Point Networks, our approach to managed IT services is a simple one. We aim to provide fast, friendly, and professional management of IT resources at a cost-friendly monthly cost. 

We are focused on providing best-in-class managed services in Lincoln that are designed to help small businesses succeed. When you choose High Point Networks, you’re choosing excellence and the peace of mind that comes with knowing your IT department will remain functional, updated, and secure. 

We would be happy to assist you when you’re ready to learn more about the managed services we can provide your company as well as the pricing of our service tiers. Give us a call today to schedule a consultation appointment to get started!

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