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What is Endpoint Zero Trust?

Endpoint Zero Trust (EZTaaS) powered by High Point Networks takes your endpoint protection to a new level, with a policy-driven approach structured more like a firewall.

This solution allows applications to run that you approve and blocks everything else. It’s the only one of its kind to combine application whitelisting, ringfencing technology, and data storage control to protect your business from malicious and misused software.

Endpoint Zero Trust

EZTaaS Solution Highlights

Fully Managed

EZTaaS is managed by our team of cybersecurity experts so you can focus on your business goals.

Application Whitelisting

Potentially reduce your organization’s cyber insurance with application whitelisting.

Ring-Fence Technology

Ring-fencing blocks programs that can be weaponized from accessing your critical and sensitive data.

Granular Auditing

Full granular audit of every executable, script, or library executed on your endpoints.

Zero Trust Illustration


Are You Confident in Your Endpoint Security?

Take your endpoint protection to a new level with storage control, application whitelisting, and Ringfencing technology all with EZTaaS, powered by High Point Networks.

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