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Data Center Solutions

Maximizing your company’s resources.

The data center is at the heart of your company’s network and is the centralized location for processing, storing, and accessing your information. There are many things to consider when building your data center for the future. Let our team of experts do the work for you so you can continue being great.

  • Hybrid, Cloud & On-Premise Options
  • Data Center Security
  • Connectivity
  • Redundancy
  • Scalability

At High Point Networks, we specialize in providing solutions that best fit your organization’s requirements. From hyper-converged infrastructure, cloud computing, and disaster recovery, we are ready to help you evaluate and plan for what works in your IT environment. We are with you every step of the way.


TB of recovered customer data


Office 365 customer licenses


TB of secured customer data

Areas of Expertise

Since the data center is at the heart of your IT environment, it’s important to choose a partner who can provide specialized engineers dedicated to making sure it’s running at peak performance. From hyper-converged infrastructure, cloud computing, and O365 to backup replication and disaster recovery, our team has the subject matter experts needed to help you design the right solution for your company.

  • Server and Desktop Virtualization 
  • Data Storage 
  • Hyper-convergence 
  • Data Backup/Replication/Disaster Recovery 
  • Management & Monitoring 
  • Office 365 Solutions 
  • Applications 
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Data Center Managed Services

Our Managed Services are “Always Connected” for you, designed to enhance your team, not replace them. With over 60 years of combined experience, our team is on the job around the clock, ready to change direction if needed, all while keeping you informed the entire way.

Project Spotlight: Sheyenne Tooling & Mfg.

  • Brian Saxberg, IT Manager
  • Cooperstown, ND
  • Project: O365 Migration & Mimecast Implementation
  • What challenge(s) did the solution that was implemented solve for Sheyenne Tooling & Mfg.?

O365 gave us updated Office applications and brought in Microsoft Team’s application. That has become a go-to application at Sheyenne Tooling & Mfg. SharePoint is involved but mainly only as a Teams repository at this time. Having the ability to use O365 from anywhere with the web-based office and One Drive is also boosting productivity as people are getting used to using the new tools.

  • What have been the greatest benefits of working with HPN as your trusted IT partner?

The biggest benefit for myself has been the additional access to knowledgeable staff. Being the only IT person at Sheyenne Tooling, I wear a lot of hats and have a wide range of knowledge. I openly admit I don’t know everything and rely heavily on the knowledge at High Point when I run into something I feel is beyond my level. High Point’s size and geographic location make it nice for Sheyenne Tooling also.


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