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Simply put, we are focused on helping our customers solve challenges, rather than selling them things they don’t need.

Who We Are

We specialize in anything that spans your network, data center, phone system, and endpoints with a strong security focus across all things IT.

We believe that HPN’s principles and values are directly linked to why we have quickly become one of the region’s premier providers of information technology solutions.

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What Makes Us Great

High Point Networks was created because we noticed that too many Technology Companies were focused on how much they could sell, and that didn’t seem right to us. We have always been more interested in solving problems.

Helping others, building strong relationships, and working together will always be stitched into our DNA.

Read about us in our annual publication of 'Get to the POINT' Magazine.


What Makes Us Different

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Our Purpose

We are built on the foundation of supporting our customers. By taking away the stress and difficulties that technology can bring, you can focus more on what makes your organization great.

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To provide worthwhile work for like-minded professionals in the world of information technology and security that enhances business outcomes for those we serve.

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Humbly Confident Grow or Die Help First Do The Right thing Do What You Say
High Point Networks History

The History of High Point Networks

High Point Networks was founded on November 1, 2003, by Tom McDougall and Justin Fetsch. Both knew their way around the technology industry and had built up the company they were working for, Applied Communications.

The owner of Applied Communications was edging towards retirement, and Tom and Justin agreed this would be a good business opportunity and decided to take a leap of faith to begin writing their own story. That began the journey to creating the High Point Networks of today, one of the region's premiere providers of information technology.

Acquisition History

  • 2010 Plains Technology Inc.
  • 2017 Earthbend, LLC (VAR)
  • 2018 West-Tech Communications
  • 2019 Vermillion Technologies
  • 2022 Integrated Systems & Design (ISD)

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