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Cybercrime is at an all-time high and becoming a victim of an attack can shut down your organization in minutes.

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Professional Cybersecurity Solutions

Cybercriminals are becoming more sophisticated and creative, making it difficult for businesses to remain protected on their own. That’s why it’s more important than ever to find a partner that offers cybersecurity solutions for securing every aspect of your business.

Whether it’s managed services, data security, or educating your users, High Point Networks offers solutions from the industry’s top vendors to ensure your organization is protected.

Our Solutions
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Cybersecurity Solutions
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Nobody Wants to Be a Statistic

Let’s be honest – getting breached isn’t exactly on everyone’s bucket list. The primary focus for cybercriminals has transitioned to targeting small businesses with ransomware attacks that can cripple any company within minutes.

At High Point Networks, we have the expertise to strengthen your security and reduce your risk of becoming just another headline in the news.

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Cybersecurity Solutions

Our solutions provide you with everything you need to be a fortress on the cyber battlefield.

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Network Security

Secure your most sensitive data with the industry’s top firewalls, network access control, network monitoring, dynamic segmentation, VPN, and more.

Physical Security

Cybersecurity doesn’t end with online protection. Secure your physical environment with security cameras, access control systems, and more.

Cybersecurity Services

High Point Networks offers an array of security services including consultations, security assessments, penetration testing, and disaster relief if you are ever hit by an attack.

SMART Services

Similar to managed services, our SMART Services are designed to enhance your team, not replace them. This gives you more control and fewer headaches.

Kickstart Your Cybersecurity Plan

Building a polished security plan isn't as easy as it sounds. We know all too well that the hardest part is getting started. This free CIS Controls Blueprint is designed to help you identify, plan, budget, and improve your security hygiene.

Need further assistance? Please reach out to our team of cybersecurity experts today.

CIS Controls Cybersecurity Planning

Vulnerability Testing and Cyber Education

Robert, IT Director @ Carroll College
5.00 Dec 14, 2022

I worked with the High Point team to improve Carroll College's cybersecurity posture through increased and focused testing. We were able to gain insight into areas where we were lacking such as employee cyber awareness training. With this, we were able to implement new and better solutions.

The security team always brings a high level of expertise to make sure we are being presented with a solution that meets or exceeds our demands.

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