SMART Endpoint Zero Trust

With firewall-like controls at the endpoint level, you can better protect against known and unknown threats.

What is SMART Endpoint Zero Trust?

SMART Endpoint Zero Trust takes your endpoint protection to a new level. It’s the only one of its kind to combine application whitelisting, ringfencing technology and data storage control to protect your business from malicious and misused software.

Controlling what software can run should be the first line of defense in protecting yourself from malicious software. Ringfencing then adds the second line of defense for applications that are permitted. First, by defining how applications can interact with each other, and then controlling what resources applications can access, such as network, files, and registry.

  • Potentially reduce cyber insurance with Application Whitelisting
  • Full granular audit of every executable, script, or library executed on your endpoints
  • Ringfencing blocks programs that can be weaponized from accessing critical data
  • Satisfies NIST, ISO 27002, HIPAA, and other compliance requirements


Enhance Your Teams

HPN engineers work alongside your teams, bringing additional expertise in areas where you may not be an expert or simply don’t have the time.

Focus on Core Objectives

Lean on the team at High Point Networks to fill in needed gaps and allow your staff to perform the duties they were hired to do.

Increased Security

Control which hard drives can connect to your endpoints regardless of type, connection method, or location - full visibility of every program, library, or script that is running on your endpoints or servers.

Save Time & Money

Monthly fee with minimal upfront costs, rapid deployment, and seamless management.

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