Cybersecurity is a company mindset

Monitor. Detect. Prevent.

Stay One Step Ahead of Cybercriminals

Protecting your business from today’s IT security threats is an ongoing process. As businesses and industries of all sizes continue to be targeted every day by cybercriminals and threats, our team remains one step ahead in keeping your vital information safe.

We’ll help address potential security risks before they become an issue and provide options designed to specifically meet your business needs.

Security Planning

What’s your plan for staying secure?

Cyber Education

Educating team members is vital to a business’s online security.

Point to Point Security

Keep all your endpoints secure at all times.

Ongoing Security Testing

Continuously test for potential vulnerabilities.

Remove the heavy load that comes with securing your organization.

Organizations are struggling to manage all aspects of security while finding resources to oversee today’s applications. That is why we have a specialized team of security experts whose mission is to provide expertise, planning, education, training and overall support for our customers.

Cyber Criminals are Getting Smarter

We’ll help you build robust security plans with clearly defined milestones that reduce risk, meet compliance obligations and maximize resources. Today’s cyber criminals are getting smarter, and so are we.


Areas of Expertise

Extending Your Team

Managed Services

Our Managed Services are designed to enhance your team, not replace them. With over 60 years of combined experience, our team is on the job around the clock, ready to change direction if needed, all while keeping you informed the entire way.

Antivirus as a Service

Stay one step ahead.

Firewall as a Service

First line of defense.

Email Security

Receive content you can trust.

Free Resource

Security Planning Done Right

The hardest part of security planning is knowing where to start. This free CIS Controls blueprint is designed to help you identify, plan, budget, and improve your security hygiene.

Project Spotlight

Farmers Telecom Cooperative, Inc.
Site Security Documents & Incident Response Plans

“HPN helped us define the scope of IT security at our company, evaluate and address IT risks, document controls, and develop procedures that prescribe compliance therewith. We now have peace of mind knowing that we are doing everything we can to safeguard our assets and information.”

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