Cybersecurity in Recent Headlines

by | Mar 24, 2022 | News, Technology

High Point Networks takes security very seriously, and we want to help our customers lower risks in their environment. Even if the recent data breaches we see in the headlines this week did not directly impact you, it is an excellent reminder to make sure you are following security best practices.

For example, the headlines call out potential breaches at companies that provide multi-factor authentication (MFA) solutions. Don’t let that scare you into thinking that you shouldn’t use an MFA solution. When configured and used correctly, MFA solutions significantly lower the risk of credential compromise and unauthorized access.

Recent headlines also remind us of the importance of disabling accounts that are not actively in use. Former employee accounts that are still active leave an open door for threat actors to gain unauthorized access to your environment. Furthermore, diligently caring for stale accounts and changing default credentials on any system can be a highly effective and low-cost approach to controlling significant risk.

In addition to MFA and disabling inactive accounts, based on threat actor activity we have recently seen, make sure that:

  • 1. Your firewalls are up to date and properly configured.
  • 2. You have deployed an endpoint security solution and are managing it well.
  • 3. You become aware of know vulnerabilities and patch when the patch is available.
  • 4. Your backups are properly configured, monitored, and tested to be sure they are available if needed.
  • 5. You have an incident response plan in place and ready to execute if needed.

If you believe you were or are not sure if recent breaches impacted you, we are here to help. Simply visit our Get in Touch page and reach out to our cybersecurity experts today.

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