High Point Networks Welcomes Chief Financial Officer

Jan 12, 2023 | News

Press Release

January 11, 2023 – West Fargo, ND, High Point Networks, adds Chad Rieth as Chief Financial Officer. High Point Networks proudly welcomes Rieth, who brings more than three decades of experience in the financial industry with him. For the past 15 years, he has been a dedicated member of Bank Forward, where he served as Chief Financial Officer/Senior Vice President and Insure Forward President.

At High Point Networks, we have always been committed to fiscal responsibility, and now with Chad on board, we can further enhance our focus and customer experience.
Tom McDougall, President & CEO of High Point Networks

Chad will oversee the finance and accounting departments to guarantee that all financial reports are accurate, up-to-date, and completed on time. He will also play an important role in further enhancing High Point’s overall vision and strategy.

I’m beyond thrilled to welcome Chad as my replacement and successor for the role of Chief Financial Officer. Chad’s financial acumen will bring an extra depth of expertise to our already powerful financial team, allowing us to progress with our growth strategy for years to come.
Kelly Schlauderaff, General Manager & current CFO of High Point Networks

While at Bank Forward, Chad collaborated with the leadership and Board of Directors to generate a sustainable long-term business strategy. Guided the formulation and approval of corporate objectives, plans, and policies; examined financial and systems influence of functional goals, programs, and regulations as requested. Chad was a 2022 Bill Brown Award winner, which is the highest honor a Forward employee can receive. To be nominated, the person must deliver a high standard of customer service or service support, go above and beyond the call of duty to take care of the customer and build relationships, and/or do something that demonstrates leadership, teamwork, or dedication to their community or the Bank Forward organization.

I am very excited to join the High Point Networks team. I believe the potential for growth and value creation is tremendous, given the smart and passionate people, robust technology, and regional footprint. Having played a leadership role at Bank Forward, I am confident we can develop and execute plans to drive value to our clients. I look forward to becoming part of the High Point Networks family.
Chad Rieth

Chad was born and raised in West Fargo, ND. He is passionate about hunting and fishing and spending time at the lake. He is married with two college-age children and is a long-time board member/treasurer of the West Fargo Exchange Club.

About High Point Networks

High Point Networks is led by one goal – To become the most trusted IT business partner in the country where every encounter leads to a referral and every referral leads to another encounter. They do this by building a foundation to support their clients through several technology pillars that help supplement in areas where they cannot be experts. High Point Networks provides equipment, services, and SMART solutions in the following areas: communications, infrastructure, data center, and security. Our commitment is to provide a memorable experience, even when there are challenges along the way, to achieve a successful outcome.

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